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How can I learn how to collaborate effectively with surrogate partners?

Is Surrogate Partner Therapy legal and ethical?

Where can I get more information about Surrogate Partner Therapy?

"Andrew, thank you so much for your thoughtful approach to ______. I feel like a lot became illuminated in your process with her, and that she is ending with you with more of a sense of choice and options than when she came in. I have appreciated our collaboration and would refer to you again.

Thank you,
Betsy Kassoff, PhD, Psychologist

How can I Learn How to Collaborate Effectively with Surrogate Partners?

For clinicians new to the modality of SPT, it's important to understand your role and your importance in the therapy. Andrew has developed 2 classes specifically for this purpose. AASECT members can get AASECT Continuing Education credits. If you are a member of another organization and are interested in CE's, please let me know as I would consider applying to be able to provide them. The following 2-minute video introduces these courses.

The 2 courses are:

Another possibility is to watch the following 1-hour video entitled "Supervising Surrogate Partner Therapy." This presentation was delivered by IPSA President Dr. Vena Blanchard at the AASECT Conference in 2014.

Beyond this, there are therapists experienced in the modality who are willing to mentor those who could benefit from it. Contact me for more information.

I am a licensed psychotherapist and have been collaborating with Andrew for almost two years and I can easily attest to his high integrity, his deep insights on how he works with his clients, the way he creates safety for those he works with, and the ease with which we work together for the benefit and healing of his client and mine. I can recommend his work without any hesitation. It's been a total joy to work with him.

Wally Phillips, MFT

Is Surrogate Partner Therapy legal and ethical?

The cofounders of the Surrogate Partner Collective, including Andrew, have published a formal statement about this. Please see "Surrogate Partner Therapy: Ethical and Legal."

No state has any laws which prohibit Surrogate Partner Therapy. In California, at least two cases involving a therapist referring to a surrogate partner were reviewed by the CA State Licensing Review Boards and in each case the board determined that no unethical behavior was present. According to an article in the San Jose Mercury News, Kamala D. Harris of the Alameda County DA's Office stated unequivocally, ''If it's between consensual adults and referred by licensed therapists and doesn't involve minors, then it's not illegal.'' Kamala Harris is now (as of 2022) Vice President of the United States.

In August 2010, a licensed therapist I know contacted CAMFT (the California Association of Marriage and Family therapists), and a lawyer with that organization affirmed that if the surrogate partner is properly trained and educated, surrogate partner therapy is not unethical.

As a member of both organizations, I adhere to the Codes of Conduct of both the Surrogate Partner Collective and the International Professional Surrogates Association.

In the following video, Andrew clearly distinguishes SPT from anything illegal.

Where can I get more information about Surrogate Partner Therapy?

There are many resources and links on the links page.

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